Wednesday, June 01, 2011

XPath ID for People Avoiding Pubs

I discussed the ID XPath function in a recent post. I composed the data samples used in that post from the data available in the pubs sample database. Since this particular database may not be a very popular commodity these days, I've also prepared a "pubs-free" alternative – using the same data as before, but with fewer obstacles.

The sample consists of two scripts showcasing the examples I've provided in my principal post – the retrieval of relational data from an XML document using special XML Schema data types. You can execute the scripts in your favorite testing database, regardless of whether the pubs database is present on your system or not. Of course, you should review the code before attempting to execute it, and follow the comments describing each individual execution step provided for you in the scripts.

The examples above demonstrate the retrieval part of the operation, XML composition is demonstrated in the earlier post.



p.s. This may not be the right time of year to avoid pubs, though. ;)