Wednesday, March 07, 2007

SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2a

Although SP2 for SQL Server has been released more than a week ago I haven't yet had the time to upgrade. Which could also be interpreted as good fortune as yesterday SP2a has been released bringing a fix to the »original« SP2. You can read more about it in this KB article.

In brief: if you use History Cleanup tasks or Maintenance Cleanup tasks in your SQL Server 2005 maintenance plans (or IS packages) and you've already upgraded to SP2 using an installation package downloaded *before* March 5th 2007, you should either:

AFAIK »SP2a« is also not the official name of this release.

The build number of the Critical Update mentioned above is 3050 (bringing the full version number to 9.00.3050), the build number of the corrected SP2 remains unchanged at 3042 (full version: 9.00.3042). Confusing? Well...

Finally, don't forget to replace the old SP2 files in your local repository with the new ones.