Friday, June 13, 2008

SQL Server 2008 (RC0), FILESTREAM changes

At this year's Microsoft NT Conference in PortoroΕΎ fellow MVP Andrej Tozon and I have presented a workshop on designing solutions with Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 using the Windows Presentation Foundation and a few new SQL Server 2008 features. Andrej has blogged about this last month and has made all the workshop files available on his site.

You might also already know that SQL Server RC0 has been released on June 10th, which has been announced in the SQL Server documentation team blog – amongst several other places. Of course, a new version of Books Online is also available.

Why all these old news now?

There have been a few changes in RC0 regarding the FILESTREAM feature that I feel I should mention here – given the fact that as a consequence I'll also have to amend the workshop files. However, I think I'd better delay any changes until RTM has been released. Who knows what else I'll have to change... ;)

Long story short, the changes refer to the way FILESTREAM is enabled, and the new procedure is described in the current version of Books Online:

In addition, there's currently one more problem regarding the use of SQL Server Configuration Manager when enabling FILESTREAM. It's been reported in the SQL Server Storage Engine blog:

Well, that's about it. For now. But be sure to go through all the Books Online articles regarding FILESTREAM before attempting to use it in RC0 (in case I missed something).