Have you ever seen Lassie (the original or one of the movies)? Remember how she's always trying to speak? Trying to warn the kids of imminent danger? With an almost intelligent look on her face, barking excitedly and pointing with her front leg at the culprit wherever he or she might be? I must say I feel like one of the kids in the movie these days. Each time I start may brand new SQL Server Management Studio, after I've successfully applied the first Service Pack, I'm greeted with an interesting message:
After I click OK, everything seems normal. Peaceful and quiet. But I can't help feeling something might be wrong below the surface. I wish for a more verbose message. Eloquent, even. In fact, I wouldn't mind it screaming at me if there was something I needed to be aware of, but this is just silly. I mean, I see it's a warning, but what could it be? Perhaps at the moment I can just be greatful it's not an error message...? Well, will keep you posted. ML p.s. Don't forget to send me a message if you experience the "silent treatment" from SSMS yourself.